Workshops, talks and webinars will be available from the launch of the project in 2021, at Devon Sculpture Park. A taster of some workshop topics...

How to Rewild your Garden

Creating a Wildlife Biodome

The aim of this calendar of events is to offer people practical, achievable steps they can take to support and celebrate the environment in their own lives. Also, to act as a gateway to engage with the environmental movement and to contribute their own voices and the voices of their communities.

Watch this space for the announcement of guest speakers and a calendar of events.

Specialist Skills

Are you a beekeeper, conservationist or willow artist? Do you have experience in large, outdoor installations or community projects? If you think your skills could help bring The Host into being and educate others about the environment, get in touch, we would love to hear from you.


Disabled Access

In addition to the artwork created, The Host provides an opportunity to increase access to Devon Sculpture Park for all, and not just physically. It is our intention that The Host should be a layered, multisensory and, most importantly, inclusive experience. It should reach beyond the bounds of the Park to those who, due to illness, disability, isolation or lack of means/transport, cannot reach the site.


To take part in discussions on this topic please contact us or use our Suggestion Box. 

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