The Host is an installation.  A timepiece.  Its duration will be determined by nature.  Its outcome will be determined by us. 

Everyone has seen a flower heavy with garden bumbles and honeybees. Very few of us have witnessed the rare moss carder, spotted the yellow-faced bee or cliff mason.


The decline of bee species is one symptom of a wider malady. One which many continue to believe will impact another generation.


We are wrong.


Climate change will affect every one of us, but not equally. As Covid19 has so clearly illustrated, crises disproportionately affect minorities, the poor, elderly and disabled communities.


The Host actively strives to put community at the heart of climate action and to engage disabled people and those in remote, rural communities.


If we come together and bend our minds to action, there is so much we can accomplish. Like a hive, we can proactively work for the benefit of the whole.

The Host is an artwork to which we can all claim ownership.  A swarm of bees: huge, true to life and decaying. Crafted from natural materials, the bees will decompose at nature's pace and prompt a conversation which aims to encourage thought into action and spread that impetus.


Why bees? Because we can all connect with the bee. The bee is our neighbour. In isolated communities, on tower block balconies and even housebound, we encounter bees.


We have commercialised the bee, reduced the swathes of wildflowers they thrived on and optimised the land they once roamed for our own benefit.


The bee is small and hardworking; they live in communities alive with social impetus. They often go unnoticed or unacknowledged in our daily lives. As do many of our communities. Communities which will feel the impact of climate change on their health, their finances and their ability to thrive.


The face of climate action should be diverse and every voice must hold weight when it comes to an issue which will impact every life on the planet.



Devon Sculpture Park will be The Host’s first site. In their rewilded grounds and supportive galleries, educational workshops will take place and work inspired by The Host - created by artists worldwide - will be exhibited.


Everyone is invited to help create and contribute to The Host, young, old, skilled and novice alike. Bees, built by the community will litter the landscape of Devon Sculpture Park.

Become a part of creating something extraordinary. We ask only for enthusiasm.


Watch this space for further details...

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